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Create sticky notes and whiteboards in a 2D + 3D virtual environment

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Build: (2022/12/07)


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Draw, sketch, annotate

The graphics editor lets users create using a mouse, digital pen or touch — perfect for creating sticky notes, annotating text, and quick sketches.

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Virtual displays

Pull in, edit and present anything from the web by placing virtual screens directly inside Temin.

Multiplayer by design

Temin can deliver scalable solutions for huge multiplayer environments.

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Lightning fast

Temin delivers smooth, real-time performance even when dealing with thousands of objects

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Templates + blueprints

Create custom templates, reusable content, and environmental blueprints at the press of a button.

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Reuse everything

Temin has tools to contextualise your organisation’s information through an infinite number of lenses.

Reference, backlink, and reuse the thoughts, events, and outcomes of your organisation.

Record everything — forever

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Temin has the ability to write every single action to a permanent ledger. The full reality of your organisation recorded. Forever.

Objects – everything created, edited, or moved, right down to a keyboard character typed to pen stroke made. Recorded.

People – everywhere a user moved in space, what they did and what they said. Recorded.


Use a suite of tools to query, view, explore, traverse and analyse the entire history of your organisation’s output inside Temin.


Gain insight the brains of your organisation. How the people inside it work and think, from simple structured queries to a suite of A.I. powered tools.


Make evidence-based predictions on what will make your team truly effective. 


With complete control over your reality, instantly push changes in real-time, from the subtle to the profound. Alter your teams’ environment and the artefacts within it along with live interventions at the conversational level.


Temin’s permanent ledger exposes the value created and the decisions made within an organisation. Recording reality means we can unlock the patterns that underpin our working life, which will pay dividends today, tomorrow and the far future.

Ready for the future of computing — the moment you are

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Temin+VR and Temin+MR helps individuals communicate, lead and present to teams in entirely new ways. With full cross-device support, all users (desktop / smartphone / virtual & mixed reality) inhabit the same world.

Explore VR/MR within your organisation today for the price of a headset. Scale up to your whole team when it makes sense – with all your data ready and waiting.

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